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Stuck in quality control

27 MAR 2024

It's been a long journey getting the type balls back to where they were last fall, and it's still not over yet. I was having no end of trouble getting the alignment right after switching to a new higher-resolution printer, and after a lot of trial and error figured out that the problem was that I wasn't giving the resin enough time to fill in between layers. Less of an issue when it's warm and the resin is less viscous but we've had some surprise cold snaps lately.

After fixing that, though, I'm now seeing disappointing print quality from the balls, lots of incomplete impressions. It seems like this may have started after I opened a new jug of resin? It had been sitting around for a few months (but indoors and still in the shipping box), maybe the stuff separated? I'm waiting for the weather to warm back up then I'll try giving it a good mix and see if that helps.

Many apologies for the delay. I can't give an ETA on when I'll be able to get the store running again, but the weather looks promising!

alignment tests and rejects from this iteration